Discover the Flemish Ardennes from hotel Nazareth - Gent

Located in the heart of Belgium, the Flemish Ardennes are a breathtaking destination for nature lovers and adventurers. With rolling hills, picturesque villages and vast forests, this region is an oasis of peace and beauty. Discover why the Flemish Ardennes are the perfect destination for an unforgettable hiking holiday and find the ideal hotel for a comfortable stay at Hotel Nazareth - Gent.

Hiking in the Flemish Ardennes

The Flemish Ardennes offer a varied landscape that invites for endless hiking. From meandering rivers to wooded hills and picturesque valleys, every corner of this region offers a new adventure. Hikers can choose from an extensive network of trails, ranging from gentle walks through the forest to challenging treks over steep slopes. With every season, the Flemish Ardennes offer a unique charm, from the colourful floral splendour in spring to the enchanting tranquillity of a snow-covered landscape in winter.

Relax and unwind at Hotel Nazareth - Gent

After a day of hiking and adventure, there is nothing better than relaxing and unwinding in a comfortable hotel. Hotel Nazareth - Gent offers an ideal base for your stay in the Flemish Ardennes. Located a stone's throw from this beautiful region, the hotel offers modern and cosy rooms, excellent facilities and warm hospitality. Enjoy a delicious breakfast before heading out to explore the area and return to the hotel for a relaxing evening on the garden terrace or in the restaurant.

Plan your next adventure

Whether you are an experienced hiker or just looking for a relaxing holiday in nature, the Flemish Ardennes have something for everyone. Explore the beautiful countryside, discover hidden gems and enjoy the peace and serenity of this enchanting region. With an abundance of hiking opportunities and comfortable accommodation at Hotel Nazareth - Gent, the Flemish Ardennes is the ideal destination for your next adventure. Book your stay today and prepare for an unforgettable experience in this natural paradise.